Your Trusted Children’s Dentist in San Diego

Taking care of a child’s teeth is on the top “to-do” list for any parent. Primary teeth need as much attention as permanent teeth do. Meanwhile, kids tend to be scared of the dentist’s chair much more than adults. That’s why finding the right San Diego children’s dentist is so important. At Bajars & Bajars, we offer top-notch dental services for children of all ages. From regular cleanings to root canals, with us, you can be sure your child’s teeth are well cared for.


Best Pediatric Dentist in San Diego

Not all dentists are ready to work with children. It’s not enough to be an experienced specialist to find the right approach to little patients. Besides working quickly to minimize the stress, the dentist has to know how to speak to the child to create trust and reduce fear.

At Bajars & Bajars, we know how to work with children to ensure a comfortable experience in the dentist’s office. We are proud to be the best kid’s dentist in San Diego and Chula Vista. Our dentists have decades of experience working with children. They know how to ensure quality, speed, and comfort.


Choosing Pediatric Dentist in Chula Vista

When you are choosing a children’s dentist in Chula Vista or San Diego, you may want to consider several factors. Experts who work with your kids should have special skills. Pediatric dentists go through additional training after finishing dental school. They may have practiced general dentistry before becoming pediatric dentists.

The atmosphere in the dentist’s office has to be fun and entertaining. Children have to be busy with toys, balloons, books or cartoons while waiting for the doctor to invite them. This helps kids avoid anxiety.

At Bajars & Bajars, our experienced pediatric dentists know how to approach children and how to make them feel comfortable. Our office is designed to welcome young patients and make their short stay fun and fear-free.


Can My Kid’s Dentist in San Diego Treat Me?

Even though some pediatric dentists may have practiced general dentistry before, their current specialization is children. That’s why it’s better to have one dentist attend to your child and another one treat you.

The approaches to treating baby teeth and permanent teeth are different. The same is true for anesthesia, dental equipment, and materials.

At Bajars & Bajars, we have both general and pediatric dentists. You can set up parallel appointments to save time.


When Should I Bring My Child for Dental Checkup?

Many people avoid bringing their children to a dentist because “they are too young”. As soon as the first teeth appear, they need to be checked.  American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends showing your child to a dentist at the age of 12 months or six months after the first tooth appears.

Primary teeth require special care. At Bajars & Bajars, we are ready to check your children’s teeth no matter how old they are. It’s up to you to make an appointment. It’s up to us to ensure top-notch dental care for your child.


Benefits of Dental Treatments for Children

Prevents Dental Problems: Dental treatments such as dental cleaning, fluoride treatment, and sealants can prevent dental problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities. These treatments can help maintain the health of teeth and gums, leading to healthy oral hygiene.

Improves Appearance: Some dental treatments can improve the appearance of teeth, leading to better self-esteem and confidence. For example, braces or Invisalign can correct misaligned teeth, while teeth whitening can improve the color of teeth.

Enhances Overall Health: Good oral health is essential for overall health. Dental treatments can prevent infections and diseases that can spread to other parts of the body, such as the heart and lungs.

Develops Good Dental Habits: Regular dental treatments can help children develop good dental habits that they can carry throughout their lives. These habits include regular brushing and flossing, using fluoride products, and eating a healthy diet.


Risks of Dental Treatments for Children

Pain and Discomfort: Some dental treatments can cause pain and discomfort, such as fillings or root canals. Children may feel anxious or afraid of these procedures, which can make the experience even more challenging.

Allergic Reactions: Some children may have an allergic reaction to materials used in dental treatments, such as latex gloves or filling materials. These reactions can range from mild to severe and may require emergency medical attention.

Infection: Dental treatments that involve drilling or cutting can increase the risk of infection. The mouth is full of bacteria, and any opening in the gums or teeth can provide an entry point for these bacteria.

Damage to Teeth or Gums: Dental treatments can sometimes cause damage to teeth or gums. For example, drilling can cause cracks or fractures in teeth, while gum tissue can be damaged during extractions or periodontal treatments.