Tooth Extraction in San Diego

Many patients are uneasy about the tooth extraction procedure since it’s associated with pain and discomfort. Thankfully, the new technologies and techniques allow us to do the removal quickly and painlessly. Proper care after the procedure can lessen the discomfort and allow the gums to heal in just a few days. At Bajars & Bajars dentist clinic, we provide the most convenient setting for our patients. The top-of-the-notch equipment coupled with years of experience makes the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Indications for Tooth Extraction in San Diego

The most common indications for removing a tooth are:

1. Non-repairable caries

Caries is so severe that the tooth can’t be repaired using the available methods.

2. Irreversible pulpitis

The most common reason is a calcified or untreatable root canal. Another indication is the endodontic failure (endodontic treatment was done but didn’t bring results).

3. Untreatable Periodontal Disease

If severe periodontitis has been in place for a long time, it results in bone loss and irreparable tooth mobility. Such mobile teeth are subject to extraction.

4. Orthodontic Indications

Some orthodontic procedures require tooth removal. For example, installing orthodontic braces may require removing wisdom teeth. Patients with crowded teeth need some of them removed to provide space for proper tooth alignment.

5. Wrong Tooth Position

Badly positioned teeth may need to be removed if they cause trauma to the soft tissue and can’t be aligned by any orthodontic treatments.

6. Tooth Fracture

In some cases, cracked teeth or fractured roots are an indication for removal unless the problem can be fixed by using other methods.

7. Prosthetics

Some teeth may get in the way of installing dentures. Removing such teeth is called pre-prosthetic extraction.

8. Aesthetics

In some cases, a patient may want to have the tooth extracted if it doesn’t look good. This is usually the case with misplaced or protruding teeth, which can’t be fixed by orthodontic procedures.

How To Prepare for Tooth Extraction In San Diego

If you are planning a tooth extraction in San Diego, you need to do the following:

  • Make a preliminary appointment with the dentist. Talk about alternatives. Let the dentist know about any medications you are taking now.
  • Try not to eat for at least 8 hours before the procedure. If you are diabetic, tell your dentist.
  • Try not to plan any important meetings or concentration-related events. Even though local anesthesia doesn’t affect your thinking, the procedure takes its toll on the body. Consider taking a day off.

What Are The Tooth Extraction Complications?

If the procedure is done correctly, the worst complication a patient may experience is a jaw pain. The pain usually happens due to anesthesia or keeping the mouth open for a long time.

More severe complications are:

  • Nerve damage – while removing wisdom teeth, it’s possible to damage a nerve, which will lead to lip or chin numbness that can last for several weeks.
  • Infection – If dental instrument sterilization protocols aren’t followed, infections are possible. Infection is also a possibility if the patient doesn’t follow a dentist’s advice about post-extraction care.
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