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At Bajars & Bajars San Diego Cosmetic dentistry, our talented dentists and staff are dedicated to delivering unique and personalized oral treatment based on your needs and goals. We deliver professional dental services in San Diego using the top-of-the-range equipment and the latest industry-leading techniques. We surround our patients with high quality care right from the first visit: we will help you evaluate your condition and come up with the most optimal treatment plan. Our mission is to provide highest quality dental care services while educating our patients enabling them to make truly informed decisions.

Dr. Sandris Bajars
Bajars & Bajars

The office staff was very proffesional with the paperwork etc. The tooth did I not have much surface left but conservatively still could be used for use with the same crown. Dr. Sandris Bajars approach was to buy the time with the current tooth. 4 months later the crown is still there. He also taught to floss it properly which is very important.

By J.L. San Diego, CA

He was able to determine what the issue was right away. Every one was professional through out the entire process. Both of the Doctors. Dr, Tania and Dr. Sandris Bajars. Have exceptional concern and care for their patients. They are both very comforting and will take the time to answer all of your questions. These are two GREAT dentist.

By L.J. San Diego, CA

My husband was able to obtain an appointment within a couple of days. He was greeted by the receptionist and after "first visit" paperwork completed Dr. Bajars gave a tour of his facility. Equipment and facility seem modern and up to date. Procedure was painless. No problems to date. Would recommend.

By M.T. Lakeside, CA

Our San Diego Dental Care Services

At Bajars & Bajars we offer an array of general and cosmetic dentistry services and are able to attend to all your needs:

Severe tooth pain that transpires to the jaw and facial muscles can often indicate either grinding...

Snoring is more of a nation-wide issue than you’ve probably ever thought.

Today oral cancer screening has become a standard component of the dental...

To understand the purpose of dental sealants, think of them as a protective film.

People who for some reason have lost one or more of their teeth often experience...

Today’s dentistry has a wide array of solutions for substituting a missing tooth.

Severe tooth pain that transpires to the jaw and facial muscles can often indicate...

There was once a time when a damaged tooth nerve almost definitely meant a lost tooth.

Periodontal Treatment is a non-surgical prophylactic procedure with an aim to remove...

Many patients are uneasy about the tooth extraction procedure since...

Partial dentures are an ideal removable solution when you need to replace a few...

Full dentures are a commonly used dental solution that fits each patient’s individual...

A smile is sometimes labeled as the calling card of an individual and is often the most eye-catching feature of a face.

Having a confident smile can change everything. And Clear Correct or Invisalign makes the decision easy, because...

All-ceramic zirconia-based restorations are increasing in popularity. A biocompatible, life-like and durable...

Dazzling white teeth are the key to a healthy and happy life. A bright smile can make a difference between a good...

Your Favorite San Diego Dentists

The comfort of our patients is our main priority ensuring relaxed and professional setting throughout your visit.

General Dentistry, Endodontics, Orthodontics

With over 15 years of experience and impecable medical record, Dr. Sandris Bajars is one of the top rated dentists.

General & Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics

Extensive experience in esthetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry and orthodontia. Over 22 years of experience.


Dr. Karen Liu is a board certified periodontist. In addition to diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases and oral soft tissue pathology.


Dr. Sigafoos is a member of the American Academy of Periodontics and has participated in numerous organizations throughout his years of practice.

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