Low Cost Tooth Extraction and Wisdom Teeth Removal in San Diego

Many patients are uneasy about the tooth extraction procedure since it’s associated with pain and discomfort. Thankfully, the new technologies and techniques allow us to do the removal quickly and painlessly. Proper care after the procedure can lessen the discomfort and allow the gums to heal in just a few days. At Bajars & Bajars dentist clinic, we provide the most convenient setting for our patients. The top-of-the-notch equipment coupled with years of experience makes the tooth extraction procedure as comfortable as possible.

Indications for Tooth Extraction and Wisdom Tooth Removal

The most common indications for removing a tooth are:

1. Non-repairable caries

Caries is so severe that the tooth can’t be repaired using the available methods.

2. Irreversible pulpitis

The most common reason is a calcified or untreatable root canal. Another indication is the endodontic failure (endodontic treatment was done but didn’t bring results).

3. Untreatable Periodontal Disease

If severe periodontitis has been in place for a long time, it results in bone loss and irreparable tooth mobility. Such mobile teeth are subject to extraction.

4. Orthodontic Indications

Some orthodontic procedures require tooth extraction. For example, in the case of orthodontic braces, the wisdom teeth removal may be necessary. Patients with crowded teeth need some of them removed to provide space for proper tooth alignment.

5. Wrong Tooth Position

Badly positioned teeth may need to be removed if they cause trauma to the soft tissue and can’t be aligned by any orthodontic treatments.

6. Tooth Fracture

In some cases, cracked teeth or fractured roots are an indication for tooth extraction unless the problem can be fixed by using other methods

7. Prosthetics

Some teeth may get in the way of installing dentures. Removing such teeth is called pre-prosthetic extraction.

8. Aesthetics

In some cases, a patient may want to have the tooth extracted if it doesn’t look good. This is usually the case with misplaced or protruding teeth, which can’t be fixed by orthodontic procedures.

9. Wisdom Theeth

We recommend wisdom teeth removal when an ingrown tooth and related symptoms are noted during your examination. You may have inflamed gums around your wisdom teeth, a condition known as pericoronitis. Another symptom that we monitor for is wisdom tooth pain. Your x-rays may also reveal that you have impacted wisdom teeth that are growing horizontally instead of vertically.

How To Prepare for Tooth Extraction and Wisdom Teeth Removal In San Diego

If you are planning a tooth extraction in San Diego, you need to do the following:

  • Make a preliminary appointment with the dentist. Talk about alternatives. Let the dentist know about any medications you are taking now.
  • Try not to eat for at least 8 hours before the procedure. If you are diabetic, tell your dentist.
  • Try not to plan any important meetings or concentration-related events. Even though local anesthesia doesn’t affect your thinking, the procedure takes its toll on the body. Consider taking a day off.
  • If your oral examination and x-ray show wisdom teeth that are impacted, we outline a treatment plan for the wisdom tooth removal. Extraction of the 3rd molar is more extensive than a dentist removing teeth for decay and other issues. The ingrown wisdom teeth are either entirely or mostly within the gum line, and it are positioned horizontally or diagonally to your jaw bone. This is why the impacted tooth needs to be removed with oral surgery.
  • Because wisdom tooth removal requires sedation or general anesthesia, you will need to have someone drive you to and from the appointment.

What Are The Tooth Extraction Complications?

If the tooth extraction is done correctly, the worst complication a patient may experience is a jaw pain. The pain usually happens due to anesthesia or keeping the mouth open for a long time.

More severe complications are:

  • Nerve damage – while removing wisdom teeth, it’s possible to damage a nerve, which will lead to lip or chin numbness that can last for several weeks.
  • Infection – If dental instrument sterilization protocols aren’t followed, infections are possible. Infection is also a possibility if the patient doesn’t follow a dentist’s advice about post-extraction care.

Painless Tooth Extraction in San Diego

Many patients try to avoid tooth extraction for as long as possible because they are afraid of the pain associated with the procedure. However, the latest technologies and developments in the dental care industry allow patients to avoid any pain. With the right preparations, anesthetics, and the dentist’s professionalism, the tooth extraction is quick and painless. It’s possible to experience certain discomfort during teeth removal. However, there will be no pain. After the tooth extraction process is over, the dentist recommends pain killer medication to ease the painful sensation as the gum and jaw heal. After about three to seven days, the pain disappears entirely.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

An operation for wisdom teeth extraction involves making incisions in your gums and extracting the impacted tooth. You are given a sedative or general anesthesia, depending on the extent of the tooth removing process. An incision is made in your gums to expose the mandibular third molar. Special dental tools are used to extract the tooth. After removal of the impacted tooth, excess soft tissue is removed, and the incision is closed with sutures. We check for signs of bleeding and put gauze over the area where the mandibular third molar was extracted. In most cases, wisdom teeth surgery takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes. The effects of anesthesia for the extraction may last for a few hours after the procedure.

Pros and Cons of Wisdom Tooth Removal


One of the benefits of keeping your wisdom teeth is that you can chew your food better. Unfortunately, the effects on your oral health make extraction necessary. Extracting impacted wisdom teeth prevents crowding and shifting of your other teeth. It also helps to ensure that your teeth and gum tissue stays healthy.


There are some disadvantages of removing wisdom teeth that make some people delay the procedure. Without dental insurance, the cost of wisdom teeth removal may be too high for your budget. Although rare, there are some side effects of removing wisdom teeth, such as downtime, healing time, and risk of infection. Downtime is typically seven to 10 days, and it may take two weeks or longer for the area to heal. Infections may occur if you don’t follow the aftercare instructions carefully. Dry socket is one of the most concerning side effects of removing wisdom teeth.

Aftercare for Wisdom Teeth Removal

You feel well enough to drive after a normal tooth extraction, but driving after a wisdom tooth extraction is not recommended. You will still be experiencing the effects of sedation and general anesthesia. Your mouth is numb for a few hours after the procedure. Facial swelling is normal after the extraction. The gauze that is placed over the extraction site may collect blood, and you will need to change it out regularly.

After care for wisdom tooth extraction involves keeping the area clean, monitoring for signs of infection, and sticking to a soft foods diet. Expect some discomfort for the first three to four days of your wisdom tooth removal recovery. We may prescribe a medication, or you can use a non-prescription medication. The day after your oral surgery, you can return to some light activities, but you will need to avoid anything strenuous for a while. Also avoid smoking, drinking through a straw, and spitting. After the third day, you will start to feel better, but you need to continue with the aftercare instructions. You’ll need to keep the gauze over the area when you aren’t eating and drinking and rinse with salt water several times a day.

Foods to Eat After Teeth Removal

After your wisdom teeth removal, you’ll need to change your diet. The best foods to eat after wisdom tooth removal are things that are soft and require no chewing. You may also want to avoid anything that is very cold or hot. Drink straight from the glass or use a spoon. Don’t use straws.

Dry Socket After Extraction

Dry socket is a condition that may develop as part of the aftermath of wisdom teeth removal. After any type of tooth extraction, a blood clot forms in the socket. The clot helps the tissues heal, and the clot needs to stay in place. If the blood clot is dislodged from the socket, it increases the risk of infection and pain. This is a condition known as dry socket. Monitor the wound area carefully, and call us right away if you notice any severe pain, unusual taste in your mouth, bleeding, or other signs of dry socket.

Tooth Extraction Cost in San Diego

The cost of tooth extraction can depend on many factors. One of them is the complexity of the procedure. Some teeth have an intricate root system that makes the extraction difficult. The dentist may need to spend more time or use more anesthesia while removing such a tooth, thus making the process more expensive. Tooth extraction cost in San Diego may vary depending on the clinic you choose. At Bajars & Bajars, we offer competitive prices. We know how important reasonable cost and top-notch care are to our clients. That’s why we work hard to make our services accessible.

Emergency Tooth Extraction in San Diego

If patients have severe teeth problems that need to be addressed immediately, they need emergency dental services. While it’s not a frequent occurrence, emergency tooth extraction may sometimes be necessary. The most common causes for such a procedure include serious breaks, severe pain, large teeth tracks, and other situations that may undermine the patient’s oral health. Even if you think you need emergency teeth extraction in San Diego, you still have to wait for the dentist to evaluate the situation. In many cases, treatment may be sufficient. At Bajars & Bajars, we always try our best to save the tooth before making the decision to extract it. Teeth extraction is always the last option.

Why Choose Bajars & Bajars for Teeth Extraction in San Diego

At Bajars & Bajars, we have decades of experience working with patients in San Diego. We know how to make the tooth extraction procedure as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to make high-quality dental care accessible to everyone.
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