To understand the purpose of dental sealants, think of them as a protective film. Once they’re applied, your teeth are protected from decay-causing bacteria, rummaging around the oral cavity.

The surface region of both molar and premolar teeth is the one we use to chew our food. Unfortunately, the characteristic grooves, known as “fissures” are what makes them so prone to early decay. Often too deep and narrow for the toothbrushes’ reach, it’s a fertile environment for the accumulation of plaque. The acid produced from the bacteria then attacks the enamel, creating cavities. While fluoride can help to prevent teeth decay, dental sealants are an excellent additional protective means that smoothens out the fissured area, filling the grooves and pits.

In most cases, the sealants will be applied to the surface area of molars and premolars as these areas most often fall victim to decay..

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