Root canal cleaning in San Diego

There was once a time when a damaged tooth nerve almost definitely meant a lost tooth. Luckily, the situation has improved. Today, a special procedure known as root canal therapy is capable of saving teeth with damaged nerves. Every tooth has a pulp, a sort of thread which transports nutrients and maintains the nerves of the tooth.

If the pulp is somehow damaged, it won’t take long for the pulp tissue to die. If the lifeless pulp does not get removed, it will cause an infection which will eventually lead to a tooth loss. That is, if not for a timely dentist’s intervention. Once the dentist removes the pulp, the root canal is through-put cleaned and sealed off, to prevent any potential infection. A crown is then used to make the tooth stronger.

On the majority of occasions, root canal cleaning involves no discomfort on the patient’s part an takes a relatively little time to complete. Above it all – it’s a simple procedure that can actually save your tooth and leave your smile intact!

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