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I've been a patient at this dental office for thirty years partly because it was close to my home and work, and partly because it accepted my dental insurance, so when Dr. Lewis Doria retired, I wasn't in any hurry to jump ship.  I am so glad that I stayed as a client because the practice's current dentists, Drs. Sandris and Tania Bajars, are phenomenal practitioners.  

When the Drs. Bajars took over, the changes made weren't merely cosmetic:  they brought a dinosaur of a dental practice to the cutting edge of modern dentistry!  

The building itself is located in south, south South San Diego across from Northgate market with a new illuminated sign.  The interior has gone from the avocado and dark brown paneling  of the seventies to a bright and modern look of the twenty-first century.  Chairs and sinks have been upgraded to reflect the up-to-date skill set of the dentists, too.  It is SO NICE to visit a modern practice where the dentists know the latest innovations in dental arts, but still operate in the personal and professional manner of yesteryear. Other reviewers have noted the plentiful reading material ... It's also current!  But you won't get too far in the magazine when it's your turn "in the chair."  The staff are friendly,  efficient, and very professional ... and they take the time to learn your name.  But don't get me wrong ... This is in no way an underused practice!  The doctors are BUSY and the office runs like a Swiss timepiece!  Emergencies don't fluster them, either.

My doctor is Dr. Sandris Bajars and I rave about his skills to anyone who will listen to me.  If you're afraid of dentistry, you need to meet him.  He is a rock star!  Gentle?  Check!  Quietly professional?  Check!  Caring and concerned?  Check! Skilled?  Check ... in spades!!! He is the calmest person that I have ever met.  I have referred my entire family and a number of colleagues ... They couldn't be more delighted with him! 

Bajars and Bajars does nearly everything with teeth and dentures in this full service practice.  If you call soon, you MIGHT be able to join this burgeoning practice, too.  You won't be sorry ... You'll just be smiling whiter and brighter knowing that your teeth are being cared for by the BEST dental team in San Diego.  Give 'em a call and protect your pearly whites with Bajars and Bajars!

By JJ, San Diego

As far as I could remember, I have been coming here to this very spot for my dental needs. Dr. Lewis J. Doria had been my primary dentist for nearly 25+ years. Under his care, I'm proud to report only one cavity. I was always keen of Dr. Doria's advice.

When it was time for Dr. Doria to retire, he wanted to pass down his dental practice to a reputable dentist. In doing so, the selection took some time in which he eventually handed down the business to Drs. Sandris and Tania Bajars.

Both Drs. Bajaras are excellent and patient dentists. My wifey has been going there for quite some time and was very happy with their work. Eventually I went in for my check up and deep cleaning, which their work was impressive.

If you are ever in the South Bay area (South San Diego) and require a reputable dental office, I would highly recommend these dentists. They are very kind, gentle on your teeth and will only make you smile when you leave.

The fat: Plenty of parking outside.

The skinny: Tell Karen "Go Chargers" when you see her at the front.

By Ace. D. San Diego, CA

Upon walking into the office, the staff was very friendly. The office was clean and orderly. Dr, Bajars came out into the lobby to greet us. When time to go back for treatment. I didn't even have a 10 minute wait. Dr. Bajars was very efficient and through with the exam. He was able to determine what the issue was right away. Every one was professional through out the entire process. Both of the Doctors. Dr, Tania and Dr. Sandris Bajars. Have exceptional concern and care for their patients. They are both very comforting and will take the time to answer all of your questions. These are two GREAT dentist.

By L.J. San Diego, CA

The Drs. Bajars are always patient and concerned about. Not only the dental health, but also the overall health of the patient. Very friendly and helpful dentist.

By G.M. San Diego, CA

My crown fell off during the vacation out of country. I set up the appointment upon arrival back home. The office staff was very proffesional with the paperwork etc. The tooth did I not have much surface left but conservatively still could be used for use with the same crown. Dr. Sandris Bajars approach was to buy the time with the current tooth. 4 months later the crown is still there. He also taught to floss it properly which is very important.

By J.L. San Diego, CA

This is the BEST dental clinic in San Diego. Both Dr. Bajars are very devoted and very focused to excellent patient care. Not only that, they are incredibly meticulous in all of their work. The office is very clean and pleasant. The office staff -- behind the counter and the dental assistants --have excellent listening scales (a rarity these days) are just as committed and make the dental care experience very excellent. I also appreciate that the front counter staff are very aware how much time is needed for a particular procedure. While many dental offices these days are impersonal, both doctors give you old-fashioned care with modern technology.

If you have an emergency, this office is very accommodating and will get you in very quickly so your "ouch time" is an absolute minimum. There is no way anyone can be disappointed with this dental office. Both Drs. Bajars are very accommodating whether it is a routine checkup or procedure or an emergency. They really seem to be enjoying communicating with patients and making them smile.

I cannot give Drs. Bajars higher praise. I have many dental offices on my way to Drs. Bajars office from Rancho San Diego (El Cajon) and a 20-25 minute trip to South Bay is well worth it.

By I.B. El Cajon, CA

My husband was able to obtain an appointment within a couple of days. He was greeted by the receptionist and after "first visit" paperwork completed Dr. Bajars gave a tour of his facility. Equipment and facility seem modern and up to date. Procedure was painless. No problems to date. Would recommend.

By M.T. Lakeside, CA

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