Came here for a dental cleaning and a regular check up. The office is clean. I felt like the staff tries to go the extra mile to make you feel welcomed. The cleaning was done as expected with the doc asking and re-asking if I had any questions to make sure all doubts were cleared.

Paul Kim

First time in this office, they are all very nice and make your visit very comforting. The Dr. explained everything that is going on and for me what is the next step in my following visit. I am recommending the rest of my family to set up appointments with this office.

Stephanie Murphy

I called to get an appointment and was very pleased I got one the same day. I had to fill some forms by phone (no difficulties there). When I arrived the office people very friendly. Busy office even with social distancing and very safe and clean. Dr Tania explained all procedures and was very gentle. Bre was so helpful and Raul was an great also. Super kudos to the Bajars Team.

G Jazmin

I had my teeth cleaned, with a Cavitron ultrasonic tooth cleaner. No more scraping. That's why I came hear. It was a wonderful experience. I used to own a dental lab. I will gladly come back. Worth the $200 out of pocket expense. They have a $385 package for one full year of teeth cleaning, exrays and exams. Sign me up.

Richard Piselli

Every visit has been an exceptional experience. There is no judgement and I am always treated like family! I am always greeted immediately from the front desk staff and professionalism is always present. Dr. Bajars is very thorough and honest and always recommends what's best for me. Her assistant's are also ROCKSTARS!!!!


My experience was great! They got me in quick last minute, very caring, and I needed to see a specialists and they set that all up for me. The entire staff were sweet hearts as well!

Kayla Turner

I feel very fortunate to have been connected to this practice. The staff is exceptional. Dr. Sandris Bajars is amazing - attentive, caring and honest. I trust his opinion and have full confidence in the treatment.

Ivanna Dovzhanska

They're all so kind ,and very good at their job. Each and everyone of them, makes it my favorite dentist office.

Julia Hammond

Dr. Bajars always provides excellent service and care to my teeth. Thank you!

James Jepsen

Very prompt and professional service. I love it.

Adedayo Tolani

I have been taking my daughter here since she first needed braces and now my 4 yr old son is going as well. Dr. Tania is so kind and patient with the kids that she really makes them feel at ease. It’s nice to have one dental office to go to for my whole family.

Silvia Silva

Dr. Bajars begins by caring about his patients. He takes the time to develop a personal rapport, and makes people feel at home. He likes his patients, and they like him.Only after that excellent rapport is established, does he demonstrate that there is no better dentist anywhere.

Joseph Shaara

Everyone is very nice and friendly.

Rosi Ferrer

Professional, helpful, clearly a caring staff and was treated like familia. Thank you!

Karen Terpstra

Wonderful experience and caring Doctors. Only the best care for my grandmother. I feel confident that my grandma is being treated by honest and caring Doctors. Dr. Tania Bajars thoroughly reviews patients medical conditions and medications. And thoroughly explains in detail her findings after examining your mouth. She is very sweet and patient with my grandmother. I trust her very much. Dr. Sandris is also very nice and has also treated my grandmother in the past. Both top notch Doctors! It's nice that they are so close to our home and offer specials for patients without insurance. I highly recommend this office.

Vanessa Mitchell

I’m not one to typically leave reviews, but I feel obligated to do so for the Bajars Team because they are incredible! The tour you get of the facility when you first arrive as a new patient is super cool and I have never had another dentist/orthodontist do that. The front desk ladies are brilliant and super helpful, and Dr. Tania Bajars is phenomenal! She is super sweet and gentle, and she explained exactly what she was doing and why. I have had nothing but an amazing experience! I would highly recommend anyone here!

Esther Kowles

I came for a consultation for adult braces with Dr. Tania. The facility is rather small and there was nowhere to sit as I waited. I was seen a bit late but it's understandable with a busy practice. I was treated very well and I have a very complicated case so she explained some things very thoroughly and was so nice. I was referred to another orthodontist so I was a bit bummed since it looked like a such a great place, but overall I was really happy with this practice.

Ana S

Some people experience anxiety when going to the dentist. For 100 years the profession has been constantly improving upon techniques and pain reduction. How far have we come? Well, I just fell asleep during a root canal. Dr. Bajars (and most likely also Dr. Bajars- there's 2) have the best bedside manner and most soothing demeanor you could ask for. The reception staff and dental assistants genuinely care about you. The entire team is awesome. I'll never fear a trip to the dentists again.

David Rose

Achtung! I give long, detailed reviews :-)

After having gone through a lengthy process of having consulted with a referred-to oral surgeon, who would have cost me $2100 (in the Clairemont area) for an abscessed tooth extracted from my 13 yr old's mouth; I had to change plans and find a dentistry/oral surgeon who would be in-network for me and utilize the insurance that I have. The expensive oral surgeon wanted to make the extraction Top Priority by charging an arm and leg for "much needed" fancy-schmancy anesthesia and other knick-knacks. Thus, I discovered the dentistry of Dr. Bajars & Bajars and was scheduled for a consultation the next day, after speaking with the staff on the phone. At that consultation, one of their surgeons who is on-site once a month, suggested we take care of the tooth on-the-spot.

Hearing this, I was delighted to have the problem be taken care of. But, lo, I am a tedious woman and asked for a quote from my insurance to be sure. In addition, I had the printed version of the predetermination for the $2100 cost plan with the other surgeon. Dr. Bajars's surgeon made sure to make a copy of it as a reminder of how ridiculous charges can get (I suppose). Soon after, the cost for the consultation, tooth extraction + anesthetics was explained to me by Alma, the receptionist/finance consultant. I only paid $430 (estimate)! Do the math. HUGE difference.

I saved a lot by going to Dr. Bajars's office. The extraction on my brave 13 yr old was done in about 30 min. Bada Bing Bada Boom. The had sutures put in, which were removed a week later or so. A very big THANK YOU to the practice! Would I patronize this practice again? Yes, for oral surgery needs (implants, extractions, cosmetics, etc.).

**There is a missing star, because of the confusion created concerning the anesthesia procedure. I got a version from the dental assistant telling me that nitris was optional and only a local anaesthetic would suffice. The other version told to me by the financial consultant/receptionist, was that it was NOT an option to have the nitris (gas). Huh?! They had the surgeon come up front to explain things to me. He seemed to be saying that I actually had an option, but wanted to use the nitris, nonetheless. When I asked him, "So, are you saying that you will not perform the extraction without the gas?" he replied: "No, no -- it's totally up to you! (or something to that degree)." I sense that the dental assistants and front desk people need to align their stories prior to seeing their patients. That way, they are better organized and appear more professional. Nonetheless, thank you! I saved a lot!

Erin R

The staff is great! Very sweet and they answer all your questions, even the ones you didn't know you had. :) I love the fact that they show you how they run their office and how they give you many options for procedures, but they give sincere feedback. Seems like they care about you and not having you waste money like other places. :)

Margie PR

I've been coming to this dental office for a while now, they are always very friendly and very professional. He's my favorite dentist, I highly recommend them.

Gaby Duarte

I start from the front office to check in with my app , and I met the nicest receptionist in the dental office , greeting with impress with other staff member when I talk to them.Dr Tania the dentist is very patience to talking to me about the procedure , what to expect in every things I'm worried about.she put my mind at ease and give me all the option I'm entitled to decide.Thank you.

Victoria Renales

Awesome place. I am traveling, and I had an issue with my crown. It fell off. My local friends suggested to go to this place. Doctor adjusted the crown and placed it back. He was very attentive, efficient and I felt relaxed. All staff members were professionals and very welcoming. It’s been a months since I was there, and everything feels good. I enjoyed my visit. And it was also affordable for my student budget. I would highly recommend to chose these nice professionals to take care of your teeth.

Anna Karpova

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