Full dentures in San Diego

Full dentures are a commonly used dental solution that fits each patient’s individual characteristics while providing the look of natural teeth. A product of a meticulous manufacturing process, full dentures are a unique, custom-made alternative. Each piece is made in accordance with the individual specifics, acknowledging age, sex and the natural look of the individual’s healthy teeth, all in order to provide an ultra-realistic look.

How Long do Full Dentures Last?

There are no dentures that could withstand a lifetime, and every piece has to be checked once in a while. As the time goes by, they may need to be refined, adjusted, entirely remade or rebased. The latter means an installation of a new base while keeping the previous denture teeth. Age also plays a major role, as the features of your mouth will change over time. Eventually, this will make the dentures to loosen up which, in turn, may hurt your gums and affect normal chewing. To avoid this, you should see your dentist at least once a year.

Here are some tips for a better care of your full dentures:

  1. Make sure to have a bowl of water or a folded towel underneath you whenever you handle your dentures. Because of the delicate structure, they can easily break upon drop.
  2. Make sure that your dentures are moist and don’t let them dry out. If you’re not using them, keep them in a utensil that contains either plain water or denture cleanser soaking solution. Avoid using hot water as this can make the dentures warp.
  3. Everyday brushing is a simple way to prevent dentures from becoming stained, as it removes plaque and food particles. As an alternative, one can use the ultrasonic cleaner, but this will not be a sufficient-enough replacement for regular brushing.
  4. Make sure to brush your gums, tongue and palate area prior to inserting your dentures. This will stimulate blood circulation in your tissues and will help to remove the plaque.
  5. Seek your dentist’s help in case your dentures break, crack or become loose. Do not, under any circumstances, try to repair or adjust them yourself – this will most likely lead to irrevocable damage.

Make sure to contact us in case your dentures break, crack or seem to have any other damage. Here at Bajars & Bajars, we can make all the adjustments and necessary repairs on the same day!

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